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Report a common Maestro problem that is not documented in the solutions database (that should be) and your trouble ticket will be free of charge. Restrictions apply.


Answers to common questions

It can be a little un-nerving. The idea of "out-sourcing" the care and maintenance of a very major piece of your broadcast audio chain to other than the factory is not a decision to make lightly. Maestro Experts wants to put your mind at ease. Here are some of the more commonly asked questions we hear from new customers.

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Question #1 Is Maestro Experts affiliated with WideOrbit?

No we are not

Question #2 Even though Maestro Experts isn't associated with WideOrbit will I get the same level of service as I would from the factory?

Absolutely. In fact our customers routinely tell us they get BETTER Maestro service

Question #3 Is Maestro still in active development?

Unfortunately all development on Maestro has been discontinued

Question #4 Did you work for the makers of Maestro?

Absolutely. Computer Concepts, Scott Studios, dMarc, Google, and ultimately WideOrbit. In all, hundreds of installs, thousands of cases. If you have ever called the factory with a Maestro question, chances are extremely high that you received service from our technician

Question #5 What are the on-site daily rate limitations?

The daily rate is based on an 8 hour day. If the project requires time overages, hours above and beyond 8 hours in a day will be billed at $95/hour

Question #6 If I do not renew support with WideOrbit will I lose free software updates?

Maestro is no longer receiving updates. In short, there are no "free updates" (unfortunately)

Question #7 Can I get unlimited calls for one price?

With a product as mature and stable as Maestro, we simply cannot imagine a scenario where (under typical circumstances) you would even come close to exceeding the cost of an annual factory support contract using our pricing model. The answers to many Maestro problems do not require the assistance of a support agent. When you subscribe to the site, you receive unlimited access to the vast knowledgebase of common Maestro problems and how to resolve them. For those cases that do require expert assistance, Maestro Experts has your back and the per call rate is priced to be reasonable, efficient, and affordable. Site subscribers enjoy substantially reduced hourly rates with most issues resolved in one hour or less

Question #8 What happens if my Maestro license becomes invalid or I lose the software?

If your Maestro License stops working because of a changed Network Interface, we will gladly, acting on your behalf, arrange for a replacement license from the factory

Question #9 We have stations in multiple markets. Are group rates available?

Password sharing is not allowed and can result in termination of access. If you have stations in more than one market that use Maestro, you will need a unique login for each market. MaestroExperts does offer special pricing for station groups. Please contact us for details

Question #10 What is the charge if my trouble ticket takes just a few minutes resolve?

In all cases the minimum fee charged is one hour. Remember that Maestro Experts subscribers are able to freely search the Solutions database for possible answers without ever needing to initiate a helpdesk request