About Maestro Experts

Qualifications - Experience

  • Microsoft Certified
  • MCSE
  • MCSA
  • MCP + I
  • Cisco Certified
  • CCNA
  • CompTIA S+
  • Network Specialist Google
  • Maestro Installation Manager
  • Maestro Trainer
  • Maestro Support

Putting the power of experience to work for you


The Backstory

Maestro Experts was founded in 2009 after Google announced closure of its radio software and AdSense for Audio divisions. It was the worst economic environment in decades. Not exactly the best time to launch a new business. With economic uncertainty and the need to provide for myself, tough decisions had to be made. When WideOrbit extended an offer of employment I was conflicted. On one hand, grateful for an economic lifeline, on the other, reluctant because it would mean putting this project on hold indefinitely.

Four years later and no longer constrained by the restrictions imposed by WideOrbit, it gives me great pleasure to relaunch a better, more complete Maestro helpdesk service. Maestro Experts reflects my commitment to affordable solutions for broadcasters who value stability and the proven track record of someone who knows the product inside and out.

Knowledge is power

Maestro Experts makes it possible for you to leverage our years of experience and knowledge. The Maestro Radio Automation system remains one of the most powerful broadcast automation systems in North America. Many of the day to day problems encountered with the system are easily remedied when you know how.

Expert help on a budget

Maestro Experts knowledge is now available by subscription. For less than the cost of a single "per call" factory support incident, you will have unlimited access to our catalog of common Maestro automation solutions.

For those times when the personal assistance of a qualified expert is required, subscribers enjoy dramatically reduced hourly rates. Most problems are resolved in less than one hour.

Our Promise

Maestro Experts promises to provide honest, professional, expedient assistance no matter what subscription plan you choose. We promise to leave your automation system better than we found it. We promise that dollar for dollar, case for case, no one offers more.